Aluminium Framing

The Proframe aluminium joist system combined with the Projack adjustable foot is the ultimate decking solution. Designed to support both timber decking, Futurewood ™ composite decking and engineered structural tiles over membrane and concrete substrates, its simple and sturdy design ensures rapid installation regardless of the complexity of the project.

Proframe aluminium joists replace unstable and complex timber rippings with a lightweight, high span, powder coated aluminium joist and/or bearer, eliminating the inevitable decay and instability that came with the traditional timber method.

The system sits atop our unique Projack, which with 5 simple sizes can be stacked in any combination to make any height from as low as 5mm through to 300mm.

  • 3 Components to construct a frame (Proframe – Bracket – Projack)
  • Finished deck heights as low as 70mm.
  • Selected length joists minimise waste.
  • Onsite construction ensures frame accuracy.
  • Quickest construction time in the market.
  • Supports any type of conventional timber decking boards.
  • Supports Futurewood ™ composite decking.
  • Powder-coated aluminium and stainless-steel components.

Both the Proframe and the Projack are manufactured in New Zealand and are backed by local manufacturer’s warranties.