Proframe Spacers Base-Caps & Wedge Assembly

Projack is a unique, low-cost stackable deck jack.

Projack’s 5mm, 15mm, 30mm and 60mm spacers are stacked in any combination and sandwiched between a Projack base and top, allowing you to construct jack sizes from 5mm through to 300mm.

The unique design allows individual jacks to be constructed at a fraction of the cost of traditional screw-type deck jacks. Unlike traditional screw-type systems, our spacers are all interchangeable. If you run short of one size on site you can simply use the smaller spacers to make a larger one. Run out of 30mm spacers?  Just stack two 15mm’s together!

Have you ever experienced trying to source a screw-type jack system, got them to site and realised the heights are all wrong? We understand the cost and downtime involved if you don’t get the heights right the first time. You’re going to love this product!

Projacks are manufactured right here in New Zealand from high grade UV resistant materials and are backed by local manufacturers’ warranties.

Check out our installation details or contact us for more information on how Projack can work for you.